Soft Matter Research Group at IFUASLP


Recently published paper, P. Ramirez and B. Yañez: Fogging Control on LDPE/EVA Coextruded Films: Wettability Behavior and Its Correlation with Electric Performance

Recently published paper, E. Sarmiento: Nanosecond laser pulse propagating through turbid media: a numerical analysis

Recently published paper, P. Ramirez: Probing The Existence Of Partially Arrested States In Ionic Liquids

Recently published paper, E. Sarmiento: Short-time dynamics of monomers and dimers in quasi-two-dimensional colloidal mixtures

Recently published paper, P. Ramírez: Effect of Ion Rigidity on Physical Properties of Ionic Liquids Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulation

28th International Conference on Science and Technology of Complex Fluids

Recently published paper, B. Yáñez: Effect of Stratification on Surface Properties of Corneal Epithelial Cells.

Topics we are interested in:

Interaction of colloids with laser-induced external fields

Ultra-slow behavior of glass-forming liquids

Non equilibrium thermodynamics

Structural and Dynamical properties of complex liquids

Ionic Liquids and its applications

Modeling of bio molecules in solution

Simulation and theory of colloidal charged fluids

Microhydrodynamics, complex fluids and optofluidics

Magnetorheological fluids

Brownian motion of anisotropic colloids

Microrheology of complex fluids

Light propagation in turbid media

Last Uptade: January 2015