Microhydrodynamics, complex fluids and optofluidics

Participants: Juan Rodrigo Vélez-Cordero

Im interested in the “structures” (streamlines) formed in fluid media by the action of internal/external forces and how they affect the relevant transport phenomena. The figures below show the streamlines and velocities formed in different setups that I have been interested on; (top, from left to right): experimental streamlines formed behind a bubble rising in a complex fluid showing a negative wake. The figure at the right shows instantaneous streamlines formed by an oscillating flexible flapper: shift of the vortex center is the key factor to understand the net pumping produced by this device. (bottom, from left to right): theoretical streamlines formed by ciliated carpets immersed in mucus (non-Newtonian shear-thinning fluids); the figure at the right shows the liquid velocity magnitude produced by the rise of several bubbles, a numerical code was used in this case.

Current interests:

  1. Brownian motion of colloids trapped in soft spheres; these spheres are made by oil-water emulsions using different liquids (oil-in-water or water-in-oil emulsions) and surfactants. Colloid transport at solid-liquid-gas menisci.
  2. Active microrheology based on optical traps and microfluidic designs.
  3. Two phase flows in microchannels produced by nucleation and evaporation of the liquid (experiments and simulations using COMSOL multiphysics).
  4. Opto-fluidics and interaction of light with microparticles.


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