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Scientific Program

A detailed program is available.

The conference is divided in 10 half-day sessions, each session covering a special topic.

The following invited talks were presented:

Speaker Title
Elena Cherenkova P.Cherenkov - the man and the physicist - in his daughter's view (ps, pdf)
Boris B. Govorkov (Lebedev) Cherenkov Light in Cherenkov Laboratory (ps, pdf)
Blair Ratcliff (SLAC) Physics with RICH Detectors (ps, pdf)
Fabio Sauli (CERN) Novel Cherenkov photon detectors (ps, pdf)
Eugenio Nappi (Bari) New perspectives with RICH (ps, pdf)
Itzhak Tserruya (Weizmann) RICH in Heavy Ion Physics (ps, pdf)
Greg Hallewell (Marseille) Astroparticle Cherenkov detectors (ps, pdf)
Olav Ullaland (CERN) Fluid systems for RICH (ps, pdf)
Veljko Radeka (BNL) Low-noise electronics for RICH (ps, pdf)
Tord Ekelof (Upsalla)Concluding remarks

The Conference was divided into the following topical sessions:

Topic Session Organizer and Co-Organizer
RICH at Colliders Sheldon Stone (Syracuse)
Marina Artuso (Syracuse)
RICH at Fixed Target Experiments Peter Krizan (Ljubljana)
Silvia Dalla Torre (Trieste)
Cherenkov Detectors in Astroparticle Projects Eckhart Lorenz (Munchen)
Leo Resvanis (Pylos)
Novel RICH Detectors Jerry Va'vra (SLAC)
Jacques Seguinot (CERN)
Technological Aspects Christian Joram (CERN)
Olav Ullaland (CERN)
Other Particle ID Methods Eugenio Nappi (Bari)
Takayuko Sumiyoshi (Tokyo)

Both technical details and physics results were presented in the different sessions. Depending on the number of contributions submitted for the different topics, the time alloted was adjusted, and/or some of the contributions were only accepted as posters.

The conference will started with an opening session on Tuesday, November 30, at 9am, and will end on Sunday, December 5, around noon. A detailed program is available.

We have a list of accepted contributions.

We encourage you to prepare your presentation in an electronic form. All electronically prepared talks will be available on the conference webpage, and will be distributed to the participants on a CD.

Computing facilities are available at the conference site. In addition to an "Internet Cafe" at the hotel, the organizers will provide computing infrastructure, including a wireless communication network.

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