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Accepted Contributions

Here we collect a list of accepted contributions to the different sessions. A detailed schedule is available.

Number Speaker Title Time
RICH at Colliders
0020 Jochen Schwiening Performance of the BABAR DIRC (ps, pdf) 20min
0032 Radia Sia Performance of the CLEO-III RICH Detector (ps, pdf) 20min
0033 Tomasz Skwarnicki The Design of the BTeV RICH (ps, pdf) 20min
0034 Marco Adinolfi System Test of a Three-Column LHCb RICH-2 Prototype Detector (ps, pdf) 20min
0045 Sajan Easo Overview of the LHCb RICH Detector Development (ps, pdf) 20min
0056 Abraham Antonio Gallas Torreira Performance of the CsI-RICH for high momentum particle identification in the ALICE experiment at CERN-LHC (ps, pdf) 20min
0074 Toru Iijima Development of RICH counters for Upgrade of the Belle Detector (ps, pdf) 20min
0077 Franz Muheim Performance of MaPMTs read out with Beetle chip (ps, pdf) 20min
0083 Clara Matteuzzi A RICH with aerogel (ps, pdf) 20min
RICH at Fixed Target Experiments
0019 Harold Jackson HERMES dual radiator RICH, performance and impact (ps, pdf) 20min
0035 Rajendran Raja Physics with the MIPP Experiment and its RICH counter (ps, pdf) 20min
0039 Marko Staric HERA-B RICH: performance and physics impact (ps, pdf) 20min
0073 Silvia Dalla Torre STATUS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF COMPASS RICH-1 (ps, pdf) 20min
0079 Antonio Morelos Radial Tail Resolution in the SELEX RICH (ps, pdf) 20min
0080 Ibrahim Torres Recent SELEX Results in Charm Hadron Spectroscopy (ps, pdf) 20min
0087 Peter S. Cooper Redesign of the CKM RICH Velocity Spectrometers for use in and unseparated 1/4 GHz beam (ps, pdf) 20min
0090 Mauro Iodice Performance and results of the RICH detector for kaon physics in Hall A at Jefferson Lab (ps, pdf) 20min
Cherenkov Detectors in Astroparticle Project
0001 Michel Buenerd The AMS-02 RICH Imager Prototype: In-Beam Tests with 20 GeV/c and 158 GeV/c per Nucleon Ions (ps, pdf) 20min
0002 Alan Watson The role of Cherenkov radiation in the detection of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (ps, pdf) 40min
0018 George Vasileiadis The HESS Experiment (ps, pdf) 20min
0053 Humberto Salazar Water Cherenkov Detector Array at the University of Puebla to study cosmic rays (ps, pdf) 20min
0065 Bayarto Lubsandorzhiev Cherenkov neutrino detectors in the lake Baikal: past, present and future (ps, pdf) 20min
0066 Bayarto Lubsandorzhiev TUNKA experiment: towards 1 km2 EAS Cherenkov Array (ps, pdf) 15min
0078 Luis Villasenor Separation of Cosmic-Ray Components in Water Cherenkov Detectors (ps, pdf) 20min
0084 Xavier Bertou Detection of GRB with water cherenkov detectors (ps, pdf) 20min
0085 Daniel Ferenc Status of the MAGIC Gamma-ray Telescope (ps, pdf) 20min
0086 Daniel Ferenc Novel Photosensor Development for Particle Astrophysics at UC Davis (ps, pdf) 15min
0094 Mark Krasberg The status of the IceCube neutrino observatory (ps, pdf) 15min
Novel RICH Detectors
0013 Guy Paic Proposal for the Aerogel Cherenkov Counters for ALICE Detector (ps, pdf) 20min
0029 Vladimir Peskov Novel detectors for UV imaging (ps, pdf) 20min
0031 Amos Breskin Thick GEM-like multipliers - a simple solution for large area (ps, pdf) 20min
0037 Amos Breskin Ion-induced effects in GEM-based gaseous photomultipliers for the visible spectral range (ps, pdf) 20min
0041 Naoko Kanaya Performance study of the pixel hybrid photon detectors for LHCb RICH (ps, pdf) 20min
0044 Alexander Danilyuk Focusing Aerogel RICH (FARICH) (ps, pdf) 20min
0046 Andrej Gorisek Tests of a Burle 64-anode MCP PMT as a detector of Cherenkov photons (ps, pdf) 20min
0050 Fulvio Tessarotto STUDIES FOR A FAST RICH (ps, pdf) 20min
0058 Peter Krizan A proximity focusing RICH with flat pannel PMTs as photon detectors (ps, pdf) 20min
0059 Samo Korpar RICH with multiple aerogel layers of different refractive index (ps, pdf) 20min
0060 Takayuki Sumiyoshi Development of a multi-anode Hybid Avalanche Photo-Diode (HAPD) (ps, pdf) 20min
0064 Jerry Va’vra Progress in development of "Single-MCP and Micromegas with Pad readout" Detector (ps, pdf) 20min
0075 Toru Iijima Studies of Timing Property of MCP-PMT for Single Photon Detection (ps, pdf) 20min
0076 Christian Joram Development of Hybrid Photon Detectors for a Novel Deep Sea Neutrino Experiment (ps, pdf) 20min
0093 Claudia Hoehne Concept for a RICH detector for the CBM experiment at the future accelerator facility FAIR at GSI in Darmstadt (ps, pdf) 20min
Technological Aspects
0024 Ann Van Lysebetten Characterization and compensation of magnetic distortions for the pixel Hybrid Photon Detectors of the LHCb RICH (ps, pdf) 20min
0036 Evgeniy Kravchenko Development of Aerogel Cherenkov Detectors at Novosibirsk (ps, pdf) 25min
0042 Mitesh Patel Magnetic shielding studies of the LHCb RICH photon detectors (ps, pdf) 20min
0047 Sergio Costa CLAM (ps, pdf) 20min
0051 Herbert Hoedlmoser Quality-evaluation of Cesium Iodide photocathodes for the ALICE/High Momentum Particle Identification (HMPID) detector by means of a VUV-Scanner system (ps, pdf) 20min
0055 Ichiro Adachi Study of Highly Transparent Silica Aerogel as RICH Radiator (ps, pdf) 25min
0070 Niko Neufeld The LHCb Trigger (ps, pdf) 20min
0072 Maria Angela Nitti Progress in UV thin film photocathodes (ps, pdf) 25min
0081 Marina Artuso Front End Electronics for the BTeV RICH Detector (ps, pdf) 20min
Other Particle ID Methods
0027 Nikolai Smirnov Particle identification in STAR (status and future) (ps, pdf) 20min
0038 Ricardo Alarcon The BLAST Cerenkov Detectors (ps, pdf) 20min
0012 Nora Particia Estrada-Tristán Ronchi Test for Flat Mirrors (ps, pdf)
0025 Jerry Va’vra Timining single photons in the Focusing DIRC prototype (ps, pdf)
0026 Jerry Va’vra Spatial response of photon detectors used in the Focusing DIRC prototype (ps, pdf)
0048 Sergio Costa SIC, a Cherenkov radiation simulator (ps, pdf)
0052 Arturo Menchaca-Rocha Optical and aging studies of aerogel samples, for RICH applications in space (ps, pdf)
0054 Humberto Salazar Detection of Scattered Cherenkov Radiation in Space Observations of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (ps, pdf)
0062 Samo Korpar Maximum likelihood pattern recognition for proximity focusing RICH with a multiple layer aerogel radiator (ps, pdf)
0067 Bayarto Lubsandorzhiev On the detection of relativistic magnetic monopoles by Cherenkov deep underwater and underice neutrino telescopes (ps, pdf)
0068 Christian Joram Metal-dielectric mirror coatings for Cherenkov detectors (ps, pdf)
0088 Herbert Hoedlmoser Ageing of large CsI photocathodes exposed to ionizing radiation in a gaseous RICH (ps, pdf)
0095 Juan Carlos Arteaga Velazquez Diffuse reflectivity of Tyvek in water. (ps, pdf)
0100 Alexander Danilyuk Aerogels For Cherenkov Detectors (ps, pdf)
0102 Antonio Loza Cherenkov radiation of a magnetic dipole (ps, pdf)

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