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Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov, 1904-1990     Pavel Cherenkov with Tom Ypsilantis

Topical Sessions

RICH at Colliders
RICH at Fixed Target Experiments
Cherenkov Detectors in Astroparticle Projects
Novel RICH Detectors
Technological Aspects
Other Particle ID Methods

Article in Cern Courier

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International Scientific Advisory Committee: Local Organizing Committee:
M. Artuso (Syracuse Univ.)
A. Breskin (Weizmann)
R. Chechik (Weizmann)
S. Dalla Torre (Trieste)
T. Ekelof (Uppsala Univ.) (chair)
R. Forty (CERN)
C. Joram (CERN)
P. Krizan (Ljubljana)
E. Nappi (Bari INFN)
V. Peskov (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
F. Piuz (CERN)
B. Ratcliff (SLAC)
F. Sauli (CERN)
J. Seguinot (College de France) (co-chair)
S. Stone (Syracuse Univ.)
T. Sumiyoshi (Tokyo)
Y. Suzuki (University of Tokyo)
J. Va'vra (SLAC)
J. Engelfried (IF-UASLP) (Co-Chair)
G. Paic (ICN-UNAM) (Co-Chair)

J.C. D'Olivo (ICN-UNAM)
G. Herrera Corral (CINVESTAV)
A. Menchaca (IF-UNAM)
A. Morelos (IF-UASLP)
L. Nellen (ICN-UNAM)
M.A. Perez Angon (CINVESTAV)
H. Salazar (FCFM-BUAP)
A. Sanchez-Hernandez (CINVESTAV)
L. Villasenor (IFM-UMSNH)

Sponsored by:

Centro Latino-America de Fisica CINVESTAV CONACyT European Center for Nuclear Research
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory SLAC National Science Foundation Sociedad Mexicana de Fisica Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

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