Ponente: Dr. Marco Heinen
Procedencia: Universidad de Guanajuato


Porous media can host complex fluids confined to a non-integer (fractal) dimensional con-figuration space. An example of high application relevance is reservoir rock containing oil, water, natural gas, or multiphase mixtures thereof. The fractal structure of the void space of porous media, and the diffusion of single particles through its pores are well-studied problems. However, dense fluid phases of strongly interacting particles in fractal confinement have not yet received the same attention and remain mostly unexplored until today. In recent work we have introduced statistical mechanical methods to compute the equilibrium correlations among dense, disordered phases of mesoscopic particles in fractal confinement. In our Monte Carlo simulations of a fractal lattice liquid, we study the 1.67659-dimensional analogue of the integer-dimensional hard sphere liquid, the most well-studied standard model of liquid state theory. Our simulation results compare well with the predictions of the Percus-Yevick integral equation, analytically continued from integer to non-integer dimension and solved
numerically by a spectral method. In this seminar we will also briefly comment on the expected (non-)existence of phase transitions in fractal confinement, and about an extension to fractal multiphase fluid dynamics, based on lattice gas automata.

Viernes 27 de mayo 2016, 13 hr
Auditorio del IF