Coloquio del Instituto de Física

El coloquio del Instituto de Física se lleva acabo en el Auditorio Juan Fernando Cárdenas Rivero, en la planta baja del edificio del Instituto de Física.

Contacto e información: Ing. Cristina Cázares Grageda 

Programación del Semestre Agosto - Diciembre 2017

Fecha  Ponente Procedencia
31 de agosto  Dr. Louis DiMauro  Ohio State University



Procedenica: ICFO


In the presence of attractive interactions, a Bose-Bose mixture has been predicted to host a novel type of ultra-dilute liquid-like phase, a quantum droplet [1]. This is a macroscopic self-bound object where the attractive interactions between the particles are exactly compensated by repulsive forces originating purely from quantum fluctuations. Thus, droplets cannot be described in a simple mean-field picture, and their existence is a striking quantum many-body effect. Similar physics has recently been observed in the context of dipolar quantum gases [2-5].

In my talk, I will present the first experimental study of quantum droplets in an attractive spin mixture of two 39K Bose-Einstein condensates. The experiments are performed in an optical wave-guide, where a first order phase transition between a two-component bright soliton and a quantum droplet is expected to take place. We explore the soliton-to-droplet crossover above the critical point and demonstrate the self-bound character of the system, its composite nature, and how quantum fluctuations stabilize the system far beyond the mean-field collapse threshold.